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My Truck Saved My Marriage: Winner Me (maybe)

If you have been following BabyGizmo.com on Youtube and Facebook, you know we are moving our headquarters (home) to a new location. The past few weeks have been a blur of work, PACKING, kids sports, PACKING, school activities, PACKING and a few small fights. The chaos of our family life is something that I love because everything we do is an adventure. This next year will provide many stories of failure (funnies) and possibly a few of success! At the end of all of it … I will follow the mom blogger code and just state “WE ARE BLESSED!”.

The move has definitely made us realize a few things:

1. We have a lot of stuff! More than necessary and it gave us an opportunity to thin our possessions and give to Goodwill! Right now someone is wearing my unopened Hanes underwear in bright orange and loving it! Don’t ask me why I have Hanes underwear and why they are bright orange!

2. Our timing absolutely sucks! We wanted a short-term lease to give us a chance to find a new home. About 5 days after signing a 3 month lease, we decided to build a new house that takes 10 months. We could have just found a house to rent for the next 10 months, but instead we get a chance to move twice! YEAH!!!!

3. Cancelling all of our home services for pest control, cable, power, water, security, HOA (home owners associations) feels GOOD! Maybe we should have just moved to Alaska and lived off the grid?!?! HOA — you suck for your stupid $280 fee for taking my name from your system and adding in the new owners!

4. My kids are “generally” always positive. They said they were excited to move into an apartment for 3 months! Um… that doesn’t sound like fun, but I got in the boat of “happiness” with them. Wait until they realize that boat of happiness is filled with holes, but “WE ARE BLESSED”.

5. Moving is a test of a solid marriage. I should probably just leave it to that.

6. Gracie (our dog) knows that this isn’t going to be fun and has been sad since we started packing. I think she swore at me the other day, but I can’t be sure.

7. I HATE the people who have companies move them and they don’t get to feel this packing HELL. When you smile at me and say “my company is moving me”… the voice in my head says to “begin the ground and pound”!

8. LAST but NOT LEAST! I WAS RIGHT ABOUT GETTING A TRUCK! That damn truck has saved us in this move because we can take things from home to apartment when we are running to kid activities. We can also run items we *might* need to a storage locker whenever we want. On top of it all — it looks damn good and people don’t tailgate a guy in a truck!

I think the only thing left to do is to get an apology from my wife for buying a crew cab pickup truck that likely saved our marriage in this time of chaos. I also think the best way to show me she is sincere in her apology is to get me new tires, rims and leveling kit for the truck that saved our lives. Possibly a nice set of running boards? Tinted windows?

I don’t know — I guess give me your suggestions on the best aftermarket products for a black Chevrolet Silverado Z71 (not sponsoring this)! If you drive a minivan, you don’t have any advice on this topic and can likely move on to a soccer mom website.

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