Welcome to DadGizmo.com!

My name is Lee Schultz.  Husband to the famous Hollie Schultz of BabyGizmo.com.  Father to the famous Savvy of The Savvy Life YouTube Channel. Father of the notorious brothers – Sawyer and Sutton of the JuniorGizmo YouTube Channel.  As you can see from our list of Web Sites and YouTube Channels, we like to have fun as a family and don’t take things very serious.

I am originally from a small town in Southern Wisconsin called Beaver Dam.  It is only by  the grace of God was I able to survive the mean streets and local thug life. Thankfully my family kept me out of gangs like the FFA (Future Farmers of America) and the 4-H Club.

I hate when people stereotype me because of my Wisconsin upbringing and assume that I love beer, cheese and the Green Bay Packers.  I sometimes drink wine (when the beer has run out), eat steak and potatoes (after my cheese curd appetizer) and don’t watch the Packers every week (there is an off season).

Anyway — follow me and we will have some fun!